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Thank you caretakers

Spread the power of gratitude with health caretakers around the world.

At Thank you caretakers, we aim to collect 1 million gratitude messages to 10 million healthcare workers. And, yes, we deliver every single one of them.

11,558 14,732 thank yous worldwide


Your thank yous will be streamed to local hospitals and clinics.

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Thank you care takers aims to create a solidarity movement by showing gratitude towards the “front line” of defense of our collective society. While our immune systems act as a defense line for our bodies, the collective is protected by the caretakers in the medical system who work relentlessly on keeping us safe and healthy. 

With a small gesture, you can contribute to their own mental health and wellbeing which is essential for keeping them active in such challenging times. We realize the value of such resources once they are challenged so it’s important to cultivate them in the long run, not just in times of crisis. 

Wholeheartedly and with compassion, post your messages on the platform and we will deliver them to those who serve in these emergencies. 

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